The accelerator for
data-driven, B2B startups.

“My experience at UpTech was invaluable. My company has since gone on to raise over $1MM and we successfully did that as a result of UpTech. We met our investors there, I met my co-founder there, and they taught me everything I needed to know to make my start-up successful.”

- Christi Brown, Founder, iReportSource

Where great tech ideas grow to be investable.

Become a Data-Driven Startup

Guessing will be a thing of the past. You'll learn how to capture, interpret and use data in all aspects of your startup's development.

Leverage Intensive, One-on-One Coaching

Our program is hands-on. You'll be working daily with our Managing Director, JB Woodruff. He's backed by an army of mentors who are industry and tactical experts. You will not fall through the cracks here.

Connect with Investors and Customers

We connect you with investors so you'll know what they're looking for and how to speak their language. We connect you with customers to help drive value into your product which leads to driving revenue.

Learn the Right Skills at the Right Time

Education is a key component of our program. You'll be equipped with relevant tactical skills to drive your business forward, faster. Having the right skills is a key component to making your startup investable.

  • 10 Startups

    We select and invest in up to 10 tech startups each year to go through our accelerator program.

  • 4+1 Month Program

    In 5 months our aim is to create strong entrepreneurs and high-growth, viable, investable businesses.

  • $50K Investment

    The UpTech Fund invests up to $50,000 per startup during the program, giving companies the capital they need to succeed.

  • Investable

    Our goal is that each startup will be investable at the completion of the program. Are you up for the challenge?

UpTech 7 Partners

We develop our entrepreneurs through education and mentorship; empowering each to build a strong, investable business.

Our portfolio is comprised of 47 companies.
93 founders have started companies in the past 6 years.
216 full and part-time jobs have been created as a result of the program.
$ 0
Our portfolio companies have received over $6.6MM in follow-on funding to date.
In the past 4 years we have seen 3 successful portfolio exits.
0 +
Over 100 organizations comprise our network of mentors, educators and sponsors.

The UpTech tech startup accelerator is located in Covington, KY, just across the river from Cincinnati, OH.  We run an annual program beginning every September bringing in up to 10 startups and making an investment of up to $50,000.


UpTech 7 Sponsors

The Greater-Cincinnati region offers a wealth of business expertise in health, supply chain, finance, data/analytics, cyber security, among many others. UpTech leverages the community in which we live in to accelerate your business. Our startups provide solutions to the industry sweet spots of our region in order to maximize customer and business development opportunities.

Kentucky has a proud history of distilling that created the world-renowned spirit of bourbon.  As a Kentucky-based accelerator, we wouldn’t be representing very well without having bourbon within our halls.   Problem solved.

We’re proud to have New Riff Distillery as our official distilling partner.