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At UpTech we want to give our companies all the resources necessary to be successful. We recently had a conversation with a past UpTech 5 alum, Martins Bratuskins, on how he and his team took advantage of these resources.

What resources really helped you and your team build their network and company here in Cincinnati/Covington?

Our mentors introduced us to so many good connections – both in the Cincinnati area and throughout the US. I think it’s just very important to build quality relationships with some mentors. It is super important to know who you need introductions to and then ask for those intros from Mentors, JB, etc. For example, we gave a list of people we wanted introductions to to our mentors and they reached out to them saying “hey, I’m mentoring this company. Can you help them?” – and this worked out very well! One of our best advisors was found this way, and he went on to introduce us to many of our clients.

What advice would you tell a company coming to UpTech 6?

I think the new UpTech 6 cohort should go to Union Hall as soon as possible. We made so many good connections and friends there. I remember the first day we went to Union Hall and Kelly gave us a tour, that was a big eye opener. I suggest any startup from UpTech 6, to allocate at least one day every week to go work out of Union Hall. Cincinnati is a very good location where most startups go through Union Hall at some point, and I think it’s super important to make all the connections you can make and the middle desk at Union Hall is a perfect place to make those connections.

Anything else you would like to add?

I think overall just be very friendly to everyone you meet and find out what that person does and how you can help him/her or vice versa. In Cincinnati, it is super easy to be friendly, as people are so open to getting to know you. For me (coming from Europe) it was really nice to have people all around that were/are willing to help you.

To learn more about Martins and TheMonetizr, click here.

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