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Guest Blog Post: Written by Henry Molski, Marketing Manger at Cintrifuse.

Class 6? Time flies, doesn’t it?

Having yet another accelerator in StartupCincy hit class number six is a significant achievement.

There are a lot of things that excite us about another class joining our friends at UpTech, but we think the best thing may just be – these classes just keep getting better.

Many times you’ll sit through Demo Days or reflect back on the classes of old and find yourself thinking, “the sequels never truly never live up to the original.” Not at UpTech. This past winter’s Demo Day at 84.51 knocked our socks off. And we’re keeping a close eye on the graduates – mostly because they never left.

Founders, teammates, and players from Healthcast, The Monetizr, iReportSource, RoadAid and more still fill up our space at Union Hall on a daily basis. All of these teams are busier than ever iterating on their next big idea.

That’s the next great thing about UpTech 6 approaching – more faces around our ecosystem. From more new people to meet at UpTech and Union Hall happy hours to fresh ideas and insights at our entrepreneur group therapy sessions, an influx of new people is always a good thing.

The energy and enthusiasm behind another new class at UpTech has the entire Cintrifuse office is ramping up. We love getting people engaged in StartupCincy, so a new class has us talking. Here are just a few highlights of what people are saying in our office – from the living room to the rooftop.

Eric Weissmann, Director of Marketing – Sees a connection between NKY and Greater Cincinnati
“UpTech is a great example of how important it is to have a regional approach in building out this ecosystem. To so many people here, Kentucky is just a ride over a bridge and even though it’s technically another state, it’s really just another set of neighborhoods inside of Greater Cincinnati. That’s the way I prefer to look at it.”

Naashom Marx, Director of Customer Connections – Excited for new BigCo connections
“We will always have a unique need for B2B startups in the region due to our abundance of Fortune 500 company. Better yet, our BigCos here have a big appetite for innovation – and what better way to whet that desire than with a fresh new class?”

Patrick Henshaw, Director of Development – Sees a big ecosystem impact
“It is exciting to see UpTech lean into building our technology- and knowledge-based ecosystem by fueling healthcare innovation through a data-driven approach – attracting top talent from around the US and based on their recent recruiting success – even around the world!” (Patrick also asked to include an American flag emoji, so here – it’s noted.)

Emily Geiger, Managing Director of Spry Labs – Excited for the new Healthcare focus
“UpTech’s focus in healthcare data with a strong regional partner like St. Elizabeth’s is timely. We at Spry Labs are excited to leverage a fertile launching pad for problem-focused ventures that come from Spry Lab’s pipeline.”

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