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We wrote not so long ago about our partnership with St. Elizabeth to create a health tech track in UpTech. I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the UpTech 7 Health Tech track by providing some very real challenges where St. Elizabeth would love to see startup solutions. As mentioned in our St. Elizabeth + UpTech 7 Health Tech Track post, solutions for consideration will focus on the business of healthcare and not clinical applications.

Health Tech Track Focus Areas:

  • Knowledge – Consumers need instant or quick answers to questions.
  • Convenience is King – Consumers do not want to wait for service.
  • Price Transparency – consumers want to know the full and final cost.
  • Simplicity – Making complex concepts and situations easy to understand.
  • Relationship – Consumers want to feel connected and not transactional.
  • Feel Better – Consumers want to feel their healthiest no matter the situation.
  • Navigation – Helping patients (and families) understand the process of health and healthcare.
  • Engagement – Patients feel connected and knowledgable of where they are in their treatment journey.
  • Communication – Enabling patients to be connected at every step of the way with those providing care.
  • Convenience – Telemedicine and same-day care are convenient. How do you enable more convenience in more areas?

We hope this helps you, as startup founders, as you consider applying to UpTech 7.

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