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OrgAnalytix is helping companies and managers be more inclusive.

While leading a global team at Barclays Capital, Shwetha Pai realized she needed a tool that would help her have greater visibility into how her team really got work done so that she could better target her efforts around team culture more effectively and meet the customized needs of each sub-team within her organization. This lead her to start OrgAnalytix.

OrgAnalytix helps companies target their diversity programs to fit the needs of each team, so that the Diversity & Inclusion programs are more targeted and focused on the teams that need most intervention. Their data visualization platform measures, tracks, and assesses inclusion through relationship analysis which shows leaders how unconscious bias is manifesting in teams and how it is hindering efficiency, productivity and innovation. Their data driven solution then helps managers understand the impact of their diversity and other employee programs and validate or target these programs to get higher ROI on their people program investments.

“Our main goal for OrgAnalytix is to create a product that will help companies make better decisions around teams and their employees. We want to have an impact on the way business is conducted and how employees are evaluated and recognized in the future.”

With a background in Finance, Strategy, and Operations leader who has primarily worked in Decision Support roles, using data to make decisions around team operations, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate strategy, Shwetha’s experience makes her the right person to lead OrgAnalytix. Shortly after thinking through her initial idea for the company, Brian Stout and Matthew Salerno joined OrgAnalytix to take their ideas to the next level. Bringing with them years of experience in machine learning, AI, software development, and as entrepreneurs, the OrgAnalytix founding team is now poised to scale and grow.  They have been bootstrapped thus far, but are in a position to start raising investment funds to scale and grow in the booming Diversity & Inclusion Tech market.

“Some of the biggest myths in entrepreneurship are that entrepreneurs have flexible hours and its stress-free because you are “doing what you love”. And that entrepreneurship is for people in their 20s who start off with a concept in their parent’s garage. Without the experience we have had in corporate America as leaders of large organizations, we would never have been able to address the market gap and build the product we have today.  This experience comes with time and age, so we are fortunate that we have experienced managers and operators on our team who can truly deliver a product that will be used by managers.”

The best part of being part of the UpTech 7 cohort for OrgAnalytix is being able to learn more from the UpTech educators, mentors, and their fellow cohort members.  The access to mentors has been critical as they prepare for pitch competitions and as demo day approaches.  Fellow cohort members have been critical to the team in their idea validation phase as sounding boards and brain-storm partners when OrgAnalytix hit any hurdles.

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