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Healthcast, an UpTech 5 alumni company, provides a smart, social health log which allows you to proactively manage your health.

The team graduated from UpTech last March. Since then, their product has been in closed beta with a dedicated group of testers. Feedback from these initial users has really helped shape the product around what people want. Healthcast is now opening a public beta to further refine the offering, and, more importantly, help people in the Cincinnati area improve their health.

“This part of the Midwest is an important location for us,” says Dr. Glenn Lawyer, one of the founders. “Many people in the greater Cincinnati area complain of respiratory issues. A smart, social health log which helps them deal with this, and which pools everyone’s data to create a better picture of what is going on, can make a real difference.”

Keeping a health log is the most effective way to manage your health. To make the log smart, Healthcast continuously monitors your health environment, including air quality, public health data, and weather, to give insights into what might trigger a health condition. Healthcast is currently developing algorithms which can not only detect a person’s personal triggers, but also give advance warning when the next day’s conditions might put them at higher risk. This is especially helpful for people with chronic conditions such as asthma, sinus issues, or migraine headaches. Many of these conditions have environmental triggers such as weather or air quality.

Healthcast also makes logging social, connecting people with friends and family. Users can see how the people they care about doing, at a glance. It is also social in a broader sense. Anonymizing and aggregating data from multiple users allows Healthcast to provide its users with a community health picture. Chances are if something is going around, other people will be suffering.

Interested in exploring the platform?

Healthcast is currently looking for beta testers for the personalized health AI. This AI can give you warning when environmental conditions put you at increased risk. Even though the personalized health AI will be a paid feature of the app, beta testers will be locked in with a free subscription, for life!

To learn more visit Healthcast’s website or download the app, which is now available for Android and iPhone! Any questions can be directed to

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