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Capsule, an augmented reality app, is ready to change the way we use social media. The founders, Aidan Wolf and Alex Hernandez connected via email, (thanks Google) and discovered that they both had an identical vision for creating a future where we can see the stories and memories of the world around us, floating exactly where they happened. Wolf, an innovative techy from Connecticut, and Hernandez, a 3rd generation entrepreneur from California, make the perfect match of founders and it’s even more obvious once you hear their story. So, where did it all begin?

Hernandez was interested in knowing the past of his 100-year old home at the University of Cincinnati and decided it was time to act on his dream. He sent a cold email to Wolf, an app developer with experience in location based social networks in the middle of the night. Within minutes they started an email chain that has changed their lives forever. Following a four-hour phone call, the founders decided it was now or never and got to work.

With Capsule, you can record photos and videos and place them hovering where they are most relevant – imagine stumbling on the park bench where someone proposed to his wife, an old building that used to be a barber shop, the library that used to be a fraternity house – all of these stories play out right where they happened so you can discover the world like never before.

Interested? Test the Capsule beta at the link below. The founders shared that their favorite part of being in the UpTech Accelerator is the network of mentors and a community willing to do everything it takes to help. Having a financial backing has been an incredible asset so far, “It’s nice being able to have the resources necessary to get patents or even buy T-shirts when we need them,” Wolf says. They also mentioned that the couches are super comfortable for late-night crashing and Program Director, JB Woodruff, makes one invaluable resource to work with. The boys shared that when they aren’t busy, they grab Taco Bell, play with their cat, George and hangout at their house to play video games or watch movies on their projector.

As for now, Capsule has added a third co-founder, the talented Angelo Girardi, and they are looking to expand their team and acquire talent that has a passion such as them (not hard to find when you have such a hot, new app). They also like staying up extra late just to see what ideas will strike them next; Hernandez claims that, “Everything that happens to us, happens at 4:00 in the morning.” In other words, when you’re fast asleep, these guys are busy at work building the next big thing.

To learn more about Capsule visit their website and follow them on Twitter (@OfficialCapsule) and Facebook (CapsuleApp)


By: Britt Schneider

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