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How much paper does your office go through in a month? We’re guessing a pretty high number. How long do you use that printout before shredding, recycling or throwing it away? With the ‘Go Green’ initiative so prevalent in our society how are we still wasting so much paper? Cue Pāpr, a solution that provides businesses an efficient, alternative to printing on physical paper.

In 2012, Josh Israel and Devin Serago, moved to India to build their previous startup with Amardeep Kaur and Aayush Kothari. After exiting that startup, the team looked for what was next.

Through a brainstorming session of the challenges they have faced, they landed on a major pain point; printing and wasting paper. The team realized how archaic it is to still use physical paper for general office tasks.

An idea for a hardware + software solution to reduce company’s dependency on physical paper struck them as the right path forward. While businesses may currently be using a number of workarounds, the team is hyper focused on creating a solution specific for transitioning a company off general paper use.

Moving from India to Covington might seem crazy to some, but for the Pāpr team, it was just another adventure. This team hasn’t seen a challenge they couldn’t overcome or learn from.

Next time your accountant starts bugging you about cutting costs, switch to Pāpr.

To learn more about Pāpr, visit their website.

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