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A couple years after meeting at (and winning) a Dublin hackathon/games jam in 2011, Mariano Di Murro and Zafer Balbous started Social/Arcade. While working as third party developers for marketing companies in Ireland and the UK they came up with the idea. Through talking with their customers, they saw a need for better engagement between brands and their customers.

Fast forward two years, and here they are in Covington, KY. Why? Having visited the area, they were able to talk to fellow entrepreneurs from StartupCincy, who were very friendly and eager to sit down and get to know them. When it came to UpTech, they looked at past cohorts and saw the success many of them had achieved. They also liked how the program runs for longer than others as well as how willing UpTech is to help companies establish themselves and meet the right investors and mentors.

So what is Social/Arcade? Social/Arcade is an online, drag & drop template service for launching branded Apps, Quizzes, and Games – aimed at creative agencies, digital marketing agencies, and SME’s. Social/Arcade aims to bring gamification to branded content. With backgrounds in games design, the team understands how fun, interactive content, that helps engage with fans and customers is the future of advertising.

When they aren’t working, the team likes to play video games, board games and drink craft beer. Being able to love what you do so much that it seeps into your free time as a hobby, is what everyone dreams of when starting a career. I’d say they definitely picked the right career!

To learn more about Social/Arcade, visit their website and follow them on Twitter @SocialArcade!

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