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Prior to Endorsify, Wally Sajimi worked as a Client Service Associate at UBS Financial Services. After UBS he moved on to Salesforce where he worked in the Sales Development Department. After Salesforce acquired RelateIQ, he worked directly with the SMB Business Development team sourcing/targeting ESB and SMB companies to use SalesforceIQ.

In 2016, when Wally was working at Salesforce in San Francisco he read the book CAA Powerhouse. It was about Michael Ovitz, founder of CAA, who left a top agency to form his own. This inspired him to leave Salesforce to start Endorsify.

Endorsify is a SaaS platform that helps brands connect with content creators. They provide a suite of applications focused on data science and machine learning to help marketers make more informed decisions.

When he isn’t working on Endorsify, Wally spends his time watching and playing sports, poker, reading biographies, and investing in equities/cryptocurrencies.

He chose to leave San Fransisco and most of his team for 6 months to come through the UpTech program. He is most excited about working with other companies in the cohort, jamming on ideas, and the mentorship and knowledge from everyone in the Greater Cincinnati area. 

Entrepreneurs will do anything to help their company succeed, this is no different for Wally. When he was managing a marketing campaign with Hamilton Watch Co, he had to fly all around Europe to execute the campaign. Going from Switzerland to London to Italy to France to Spain to Amsterdam back to Switzerland all within in 10 days.

Endorsify is changing the landscape for marketing and content creation with the help of machine learning. They help companies find the perfect influencer to brand match.

Want to learn more about Endorsify and what they’re up to? Visit their website and social channels. (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.)

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