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Olga Yurovski, CEO and Founder of Shopperations was born and raised in Ukraine. From a young age she knew that hard work was how you get exactly what you want. In 5th grade, Olga really wanted a dog, but that costs money, something a 10 year usually doesn’t have. So she joined a school run co-op where she made money by gluing templates together to create peat pots. As she grew older, that same perseverance took her overseas to study in America as an exchange student. On returning to Ukraine, she realized that she longed to go back to the States, permanently. After working at P&G for a while in Kiev, she moved to America with $5,000 to her name. Olga went on to get her MBA before starting her career in corporate America.

The idea for Shopperations grew from the frustration Olga faced in the shopper marketing world. She realized that people were spending more time compiling data into presentations and spreadsheets than on actual work, and no one could answer basic questions quickly, since it was not at their fingertips.

Olga thought that there had to be a solution for this, so after reaching out to marketing agencies and not finding any solutions, she went to the IT department and asked them to put something together. When they told her, ‘sorry we have no time to do this’, she decided she would do it herself. When she sets her mind to something, she makes it happen, just like with her dog. Olga made sure that a solution to this problem would be created.

Enter Shopperations:

Shopperations enables brands and retailers to manage, track, analyze and optimize shopper marketing campaigns.


By creating new industry standards and offering modern, real time, sustainable collaboration and planning tools. Shopperations is building a transparent, efficient, and collaborative marketplace where ideas can flow freely between: internal cross-functional matrix partners, clients and agencies, CPG and retail partners, marketers and media vendors.

So why did Olga decide to leave a great job in the corporate world, for the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship? She loved technology and always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but she did not want to jump in unless it was for a product she was very passionate about. When she thought of a way to basically automate her old job and push her industry into the future, she dove in head first. She relates deeply to her clients’ needs, because she had been there herself. Even though being an entrepreneur is really tough, Olga gets up every day excited to take on the next task in order to make her customers lives easy, and provide them with real value.

She is looking forward to telling the world all about Shopperations, and having the support of UpTech behind her, to make her dream a reality.

If you want to learn more about Shopperations and what they’re up to, visit their website and social channels! (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

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