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Sports have always been a huge part of Marcus Davis’ life. Growing up in Columbus, he loved watching the Buckeyes play. His love for football turned into a passion that earned him a full ride to play at the University of Toledo. And then, it turned into SuiteSeat.

SuiteSeat started as a senior capstone project. Co-Founders Marcus and Connor Morris, began building their company their last semester of college. While working on it they realized how much potential it had, and decided to take SuiteSeat to the next level. When they began to push forward, they knew they needed help. That is when Marcus called an old friend and developer, Austin Fenstermaker, to join the team.

With a solid team in place, they knew they needed more structure and guidance. Being right out of school has made it a little harder for them to meet great mentors and connections to help them further their business. Which is one of the reasons they applied to UpTech.

They are currently testing their product with a division one college and high school athletic departments. This engagement tool is crucial for athletic departments. SuiteSeat collects data that will improve the live venue experience while drawing key insights that allow event organizers to better understand their customers. 

The motivation for SuiteSeat comes from both sides. The fans and the athletic departments. Both sides benefit from the app, whether it be through engagement or data collection. The fans see a great way to have everything in one place, their ticket, in seat ordering-concessions and merchandise, and being able to participate in polls. The athletic department on the other hand sees profit. They are able to sell more merchandise, concessions, and tickets. The best thing that the athletic department gets, data. Data on who is coming to the game, what they are doing during the game, why they are there and so much more.

Entrepreneurship, it is a crazy ride. Most people think it’s easy, fun, you get to drink beer all the time… But they don’t think of the sacrifices you have to make. Like, turning down a full-time + benefits gig for a shot at your dreams? Terrifying. Yet, that is exactly what Marcus did to turn SuiteSeat into a reality. Sleep on your friends floor for half the year? Yep, he did that too. Making a startup work takes a lot, but in the long run it gives you so much more.

SuiteSeat is aiming to take fan engagement to the next level.

If you want to learn more about SuiteSeat and what they’re up to, visit their website and social channels. (Twitter and LinkedIn)

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