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Marc Johnson has been in the tech world for 20 years. He has learned the ins and outs on what makes a great product. His passion for software development and building products customers will love is just the drive that pushed him to create TeamCentral.

The idea for TeamCentral came from Marc’s 15 years working in industries such as manufacturing, financial services, utilities, and entertainment. Specifically, the last 6 years he has spent building the IT infrastructure of a company pretty much from the ground up.

TeamCentral is a “living dashboard”. 

It is part employee dashboard and part virtual assistant. Their mission is to eliminate wasted time searching for information and interacting with clunky enterprise software, and to create an awareness for what is going on in your business not found in traditional analytics and collaboration products on the market today.

Outside of work, Marc keeps busy as a father of five. When he isn’t relaxing at home or coaching his kids sports teams, he enjoys watching sports. As a life long Cincinnati resident, he is a huge supporter of the Reds, Bengals, UC, and Xavier, even if it can be painful at times.

“I know it is not the sexiest space to be in but I think there are huge opportunities in Enterprise Software. Big changes in the way people work virtually, jobs that are going to be augmented and changed with machine learning. So I am excited about the opportunity to potentially be a leader in that movement.” -Marc Johnson

Marc’s career in technology may have been what he has done for most of his life, but he got his start in a traditional, low tech field, as a paper boy when he was ten. He grew up with a passion for basketball, which he still carries with him today. He played basketball in high school, eventually coaching at his alma mater, and still credits it as his favorite place in Cincinnati. Saying, “nothing beats a Friday night at Elder watching the Panthers play hoops.”

After high school he went to the United States Air Force Academy, but ended up dropping out (he wanted to make sure I mentioned that Tom Petty did too!) He went on to graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Information Systems. After college, he founded an IoT company with his friend. The company was a bit ahead of its time and eventually fizzled out, but it helped Marc find his true passion in life, becoming an entrepreneur.

Some people outside the mid-west might think that the only place a great product is born is on the coasts. Marc knows this isn’t true, and wants to make sure that more people know that they can build a great product, right here. He is determined to help the greater Cincinnati tech area grow.

Want to learn more about TeamCentral and what they are up to? Check out their LinkedIn page!

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