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Creating software shouldn’t be this hard.

Why don’t people care about how to speak to software developers? We have great tools like spell check for Grammar mistakes, but nothing to help us for when conveying critical business requirements to software teams. Not to worry, TrekMarker is here.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, David Hollabaugh attended the University of Cincinnati where he received his degree in Operations Management. After college, he decided to stay in the area and accepted a job with Great American Insurance. While there he learned the ins and outs of creating software at a huge company and how it shapes things. After a few years, he transitioned out of corporate America and into the startup world. He decided to take the leap when he met the founder of who had a great idea and intoxicating passion that he had never seen before. After moved to Austin, David joined the team at Choremonster. This is where he met his co-founder and CTO of TrekMarker, Josh Rose.

A little over two years ago, David had not been feeling 100%. His wife convinced him to go to the doctor and see what was going on. After months of testing, re-testing, and seeing specialists his Doctor finally had an answer. It isn’t cancer. Those three words changed David’s outlook on life. Why did the Doctor never mention it could have been cancer? His Doctor knew how he would react if he had told him there was a chance it could be, so why put him through months of agony for a maybe? Empathy was there, the deepest level of understanding a person and how they would react. That is when he started thinking about where empathy and understanding for other aspects of his life would be helpful, and it turned into TrekMarker.

TrekMarker gives software teams access to expertise they can use today, so their products can be loved by users tomorrow.

Simply upload product requirements to the platform and it quickly analyzes these documents against thousands of best practices for potential gaps and ambiguity in definition that commonly lead to software failures. Think Grammarly for requirements gathering.

This past May, David and Josh began working full-time on TrekMarker. The two know the hard work and sacrifices needed to make a startup successful. That is why when the passion for their idea consumed them they knew it was time to dive in full-time. Only a couple months after going full time they were accepted into UpTech 6.

The two are hard at work here at UpTech, now going into our third month. Their decision to apply to the accelerator was based on a few things. Before applying, they met with alumni from past cohorts to really understand the program, how they liked it, and how they were and still are supported. After that they met with our Director and learned more about the structure of the program. David said, “Seeing that JB went to 500 startups to continue learning and improving the program and the structure of the program is beyond what you see at other accelerators, we knew it was a good fit.”

Juggling a new startup and a personal life might seem pretty hard to some people. The misconception David sees a lot in entrepreneurship is that you have to work all the time, 80+ hour weeks, living and breathing your startup and nothing else. To some extent this is true. But his philosophy is quality over quantity and making sure to prioritize the important things. With an eight month old at home, he has realized this more than ever. He wants to be there, and be present for his wife and daughter for those big moments.

So just remember, you wouldn’t send important business emails without spell check. So don’t create critical business software without TrekMarker.

Want to learn more about TrekMarker and what they’re up to? Visit their website and social channels. (Twitter and Facebook)

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