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David is an accomplished entrepreneur for the past 19+ years with deep working knowledge of mobile software, hardware, and networks. Extensive business development and business operations experience in both B2B and B2C environments. Volunteer mentor and business advisor with a forward thinking, often direct approach to problems and challenges. Optimistic yet a realist by nature. For fun and relaxation, enjoys flying and aviation related activities, working around the farm, meeting up with friends, outdoor adventures, and traveling.


Why did you become an UpTech mentor?

Assisting new, fledgling businesses that come to UpTech is an opportunity to assist the broader regional economy and to also support the Greater Cincinnati startup ecosystem.

Tell us a little about your background.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 19 years, primarily in the mobile wireless industry. I’ve owned and operated mobile carrier retail stores, installed mobile WiFi solutions for mass transit and public sector entities, and coordinated mobile computing solutions for numerous private entities. Presently, I’m involved in mobile marketing software and other mobile-centric software solutions.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

I have received incredible advice from my own mentors and family members through the years. It is very difficult to choose the best advice as advice came at different points throughout my career that was appropriate for the time. However, I do believe it’s important to note that “Free advice is always worth what you pay for it.”, yet (and to add to this quote) I do believe some advice is priceless.

What can you bring to UpTech 6 as a mentor?

I’m an Operations and Business Development Mentor. I’m not a coder or developer, yet won’t hesitate to assist a team in need of these resources through appropriate introductions. Further, I have a vast professional network and to borrow a term given to me by an UpTech Board Member, I’m apparently a “Connections Engineer”.

Why should someone apply to UpTech 6?

UpTech has amazing community support, yet even more amazing leadership. JB Woodruff has ‘walked the walk’ and knows first-hand what is necessary for a Startup to be successful.

What is the best advice you can give a startup?

Accept that risk is an inherent requirement to venturing into your own business. You will have high’s and low’s, yet you must keep moving forward.

What motivates you to be successful?

Opportunity is a powerful motivator. Successful opportunities can deliver rich rewards, both monetary and non-monetary.

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