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Sales calls. Every startup has to make plenty of them, but are they getting the most out of them?

While working on a previous startup, Obed Eugene and Derek Appia started recording their own calls to review afterwards. What they noticed was that their communication styles were very different and that they could learn from each others style. That is when they realized there could be a large opportunity to extract insights from calls to help improve calls. That is when Convolytics was born.

Convolytics analyzes sales calls to unlock deep insights on how to improve calls and get better results. Sales reps can now get instant feedback on how to communicate more effectively to close more deals.

With over 10 years of experience building software, and serving as CTO of his prior startup, Obed has experience with founding a startup. He previously led teams that have scaled a product to analyze over 15 million data points. His previous startup raised a quarter of a million dollars and went through Techstars.

Our goal is to be the go to source for Sales training, sales coaching and sales call analysis. We are building tools that will innovate the way sales teams communicate with their customers.


We always ask our startups, what, in their opinion, is the biggest myth about entrepreneurship. The responses are always different, but very helpful for individuals who are thinking of taking the leap. For Obed, it is that companies or industries are too big to disrupt.

I believe with Innovation and technology any and everything can be disrupted.

While in the program, the team is looking forward to meeting the Mentors and Founders in the UpTech network. They are very interested in connecting with Mentors and Founders to get more feedback and gain more connections to potential customers and partners. So if you believe you can help the Convolytics team, let us know!

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