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10 years ago, Lennie Carter lost his Mother, a tragic loss that had a huge impact on his mental health. A few years after losing his Mother, Lennie’s brother lost his best friend to the hands of gun violence in NYC. At the time his brother was living in Ohio and being so far away, Lennie struggled finding a solution to get his brother the help he needed.

Going to therapy saved my life and the value of therapy became clear.

The weight of those experiences became the driving force behind founding TruCircleTruCircle is a web application for mental health professionals to increase retention and revenue through client engagement.

Lennie credits his upbringing in Brownsville, an underserved community in Brooklyn, New York as the backdrop for most of his benevolent work, which includes mentorship and spearheading community initiatives. Black Therapists Rock is one of the many organizations that Lennie holds a leadership role in, assisting over 20,000 mental health practitioners worldwide. His curriculum vitae reads as someone who has always been strategic in both planning and executing his goals, whether collegiate or entrepreneurial. Lennie has procured two degrees from Stony Brook University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. Winning a NYC Mayor’s award Lennie has partnered with his investors Lupe Fiasco and Di-Ann Eisnor to become an integral figure in the mental health tech industry. Lennie also co-authored a mental health book named ‘Black Therapists Rock: A Glimpse Through the Eyes of Experts’ sharing his story of grief and how it affected his entrepreneurial journey. Leveraging his lived experiences, education, and technology Lennie mentors therapist and business professionals on ways to succeed at entrepreneurship without burning out.


The biggest myth in entrepreneurship is that you can do it alone. I’m thankful for having a tribe that holds me accountable and makes sure that I never feel alone through this journey. Your mental health is one of the most valuable assets to focus on during your journey and a strong tribe will keep you grounded.


One of TruCircle’s main goals is to empower mental health professionals to have thriving practices that will allow them to treat more patients. With this platform, mental health professionals around the world can reach individuals in even the most remote places.

You can find Lennie on social media at @lcarterny when he is not camping, reading, and learning from his two sons LJ and Lathan Carter and teaching them how to be Kings!

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