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“Demo Day will be here before you know it.”

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? It seems like just yesterday we were introducing you to the newest members of our UpTech family. And now it’s been nearly two weeks since Demo Day, which means we only have two weeks left in the program!

If you joined us on February 9th, you weren’t alone. Over 700 individuals watched our founders pitch their companies in-person and via live stream. 

When the doors opened to the public at 5:15 PM, attendees flooded into the 5th floor of 84.51°. The room was buzzing. After a little networking, attendees grabbed a drink and a KIND bar before taking their seats. At the same time, UpTech 5 relaxed backstage, chatting, encouraging one another, and of course, TheMonetizr team took plenty of selfies. This was the day they had been practicing for, and it was finally here.

UpTech co-founder, Casey Barach starts us off with a throwback to our first Demo Day back in 2012. A fun reminder of just how far we have come in the last 5 years! From there, JB Woodruff, UpTech Program Director, took over. After giving us an overview of the program and the past year, JB passed the torch, or microphone, to the startups. It’s showtime!


Social/Arcade kicked us off, followed by SuppleMENTAL, Rescoper, Road-Aid, and Healthcast. TheMonetizr, iReportSource, Shogooru, and Pāpr finished off the night with a bang. (Or should I say smash?)

The UpTech 5 startups weren’t the only entrepreneurs showcasing their companies at Demo Day. It seemed fitting to include other innovative entrepreneurs from around Greater Cincinnati. We showcased local food and drink entrepreneurs during our reception. Including four Findlay Kitchen startups and three local breweries. If you missed out on the delicious food or drinks, be sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed! (Fifty West Brewing Company, Braxton Brewing, Rhinegeist, Keystone, BrewCity Sausage, OCD Cakes, The Arepa Place, George’s Hot Sauce, The Healing Kitchen).

Thanks to all that joined us, and cheers to another fantastic Demo Day!

Unable to join us at Demo Day? Watch the pitches here.

Photos: Harris Media Co.

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