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I have a fairly clear and strong opinion in how I’ve established UpTech’s mentor program.  Mentoring should be as organic as it is in the real world. 

I believe a mentorship is earned and is not something that should be a given.  It’s a relationship between a mentor and a mentee that is built on mutual respect, interest and personal growth.  I could certainly pair startups with people, but I don’t think that’s what either side wants or necessarily needs.  What people from both sides need are to have someone who has a sincere interest in them personally and they are there to help them.

Certainly, you could argue that a mentee will benefit more than a mentor, but having been a mentor for the past 5 years I can honestly say that I get a ton out of it.  I learn constantly about how to work with different types of people, I learn what works and what doesn’t in startups, I get feedback from mentees through seeing results and I gain a lot of personal satisfaction by adding value to people’s lives in any way I can.  My personal opinions aside, the feedback we get from our mentors and startup founders is that this approach works.  Yes, this could leave some startups or mentors ‘out in the cold,’ but it’s an expectation I set and a challenge to overcome.  The best naturally rise to the challenge and have an amazing experience.

We couldn’t do this program without our mentors and I continue to say thank you every day for their willingness to get involved.  You can learn more about our Mentors on our Mentors page and if you’re interested in becoming a mentor, please reach out.

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