Our Staff

  • JB Woodruff Managing Director
  • Abby Ober
    Abby Ober Operations and Marketing Manager

2018 UpTech Board

  • Dan Cahill
    Dan Cahill Board Member
  • Rebeca Arbona
    Rebeca Arbona Board Member
    Tapestry Strategy
  • Tom Prewitt
    Tom Prewitt Chair of the Board
    Graydon Head
  • Andy Sathe
    Andy Sathe Board Member
    MCF Advisors
  • Keith Cheesman
    Keith Cheesman Board Member
  • Kevin Kirby
    Kevin Kirby Board Member
    Dean College of Informatics NKU
  • Bill Scheyer
    Bill Scheyer Board Member
  • Casey Barach
    Casey Barach Board Member
    KY Innovation Network
  • Eileen Weisenbach Keller
    Eileen Weisenbach Keller Board Member
    Northern KY University
  • Dave Heidrich
    Dave Heidrich Board Member
    Northern KY Growth Fund

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