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UpTech is the accelerator for data-driven startups developing tech-enabled solutions.  So what exactly does this mean?

Before we get to our approach, what exactly are data-driven companies?

Data-driven organizations use data to make informed business decisions.  The best have a process/system to collect the data (internal and external), cleanse the data and finally, report the data, often visually.  The faster this process completes, the better.   The best companies automate this process and do it in real-time.

It’s also about having a data-driven culture.  The mentality of the people within a business is forever changed, always seeking for deeper understanding, correlating data previously thought irrelevant and finding opportunity.  These are the modern day miners unearthing 21st-century gems.

UpTech’s Data-driven Startups Approach

Our program approaches this in two ways.  1) We work with our startups to become data-driven to enable them to make faster and better business decisions.  2) We recruit startups with solutions that can enable their customers to become data-driven.  This two-pronged approach is one way that UpTech adds more value than other accelerator programs.

We set out with the goal of making every startup an investable one. We believe that by having a data-driven focus this uniquely positions our startups to be highly valuable to their customers and unbeatable in their markets.

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