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You can read about what we look for on our Apply page, but I want to take the chance to share a bit more detail with you as a prospective applicant.  You can read our previous thoughts on an Ideal UpTech Candidate here, but we’ve updated our thinking for UpTech 6.

There are two aspects to our evaluation, the first of which is the Founders.  What we’re looking for (in no particular order):

  1. Passion for your Customers and the Problem – this is a tough roller coaster ride and you need to be prepared for those high, highs and low, lows.  Your passion will carry you through.
  2. DIY – you’re the ones building the product and the business.  You have the skills and talent to design, build and deploy your product.  If you’re outsourcing all of your technical work then we won’t invest.
  3. Full-time commitment – this is your one and only gig, without exception.  You’ll be working out of the UpTech space during the program. Your business’s success and our willingness to invest is dependent on it.
  4. Scrappiness – our program is hands-on, but we don’t do the work for you.  We want people who don’t make excuses.  If your business fails, it’s on you.  You own your own fate and we’re there to merely give you the extra push.
  5. Market experience – you know and understand the market your business is entering.  You might not know everything now, but you will.  We’d better not catch a competitor on Google that you don’t know about.
  6. No Jerks – No one likes them, including us.

Second, we’re looking for a good Startup Business.  What we’re looking for (in no particular order):

  1. B2B – Your primary paying customer is a business/organization/government.  You’re solving a real business problem/need.  You’re enabling your customers to become data driven by using your solution.
  2. Track-based – New to UpTech 6 is our Health Tech track.  Partnering with St. Elizabeth provides immediate access to a customer who can help refine your business.  We hope to expand our tracks to other industries in the near future.
  3. Working Prototype – Show us that it works vs. Telling us.  This is not a requirement, but it’s become the standard bar vs. other applicants.
  4. Market/Customer Research Started – Don’t come in blind with your application.  It’s important to us that you have spoken with your potential customers to validate the problem.
  5. Scalable Business in a Large Market – We feel this is somewhat implied by going the investor route; however, stating it again is important.  We want companies that can scale quickly and have the potential for large revenue numbers.
  6. Startups We Can Help – We won’t take startups that we can’t help.  This may be an industry, product, and/or founder based decision.  If we don’t have the expertise or feel we can’t connect you with customers then we won’t waste your time.

Not sure if you’re a fit?  Founders who hesitate get left behind.  Take the leap and Apply Now.

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