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Weeve gives businesses a better way to understand their employees

Employers are experiencing the tightest job market in the past 10 years. With a young workforce that is in higher demand than ever before, there has never been a time of less loyalty between employees and companies. This has left companies scrambling for better ways to retain top talent. The best method of retention is to understand and act to improve on your employees key issues. Unfortunately most companies don’t have an adequate process in place to respond to employee needs. This leads to a workforce that is often dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and prone to attrition. Weeve is seeking to change that.

Vivek Mehta, Sagar Lathia and Omar Noorzay, the founders of Weeve, met as consultants at a Big 4 firm. Despite being based in three different places (Los Angeles, Austin and Seattle), Vivek, Omar and Sagar bonded over a mutual passion for entrepreneurship and creating large-scale enterprise applications.

As consultants, they experienced both sides of employee engagement problem: They were the employees who didn’t have an avenue to voice their needs. And later were the managers that didn’t have the tools to understand their employees.

Solving this disconnect between management and employees was the inspiration behind Weeve.

With a goal to make employees heard more often and to give managers better insights to address those concerns, the Weeve founding team has created a solution that reduces turnover at businesses by providing a better way to understand and act on employee feedback. Weeve replaces sterile annual surveys with Kim – an AI chatbot that is capable of having candid conversations with employees at scale. With the anonymity of a survey and the empathy of a face-to-face interaction, Weeve provides team leaders with more frequent, more actionable insights.

Over the last two years the team has quit their ‘day jobs’ and dived into the world of entrepreneurship, leading them to UpTech. For Weeve, a big reason for taking part in an accelerator program was the sense of community and learning from other founders experiences.

“A rising tide lifts all boats. That is the mentality at UpTech and the larger entrepreneurship ecosystem in the area. As early founders, there were large parts of building a business that we needed mentorship and advice on – and UpTech has provided that in spades. The connections we have made have accelerated Weeve’s growth and made us a tighter founding team.” – Sagar Lathia, COO.

Hear Weeve pitch at UpTech 7 Demo Day on January 17th. More information:

To learn more about Weeve check out their website  and follow them on social media.

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