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Apparently Silicon Valley is broken! There you have it. Case closed on why you should start your business in Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky.

But seriously, it seems that this past year in particular has been a Silicon Valley bashfest. You hear it from the major news outlets to the most dedicated tech news sites.

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Steve Case and others have made it their mission to take on the hubs with Rise of the Rest by touring the country and investing ‘outside of Silicon Valley, New York and Boston.’ They’re not saying that the coasts are bad, but instead they’re saying there is a large amount of talent that has been overlooked by the VC community. I tend to agree.

It’s no secret that the startup movement has spread over the entirety of the United States and I love it! Each region claiming to be the best place to start a business. Personally I believe Silicon Valley, New York, Austin, Boise, Minneapolis or Cincinnati are all great locations for many reasons. That said, Cincinnati is the best and here’s why:


We have an amazing community of talented and experienced individuals. The entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors, service providers, mentors, corporations, universities and advocates comprise StartupCincy. I challenge that no other region brings together so many organizations under a single vision. StartupCincy is our rally cry and you will feel included and welcome from the very first day.


Like most things in life, it’s all about timing. Right now is the right time in Cincinnati. The energy and appetite for innovation and progress is higher than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and I think we’re just at the beginning of a trend. There are truly spectacular people doing transformative work in all sectors of our community. Join this community and you will make a difference here.

Small Town Feel. Big City Benefit.

Cincinnati offers many of the same benefits of much larger cities. You can travel internationally direct from CVG, enjoy top-tier sports, soak in the arts, and dine in some of the nation’s best eateries. On the business side, Cincinnati has one of the highest number of corporate headquarters per capita in the U.S. How is it small town then? It’s all about the access. You’re never going to be more than 3 degrees of separation from anyone you need to speak with in helping you build your business. You will connect with the right people in Cincinnati and you’ll never feel insignificant.

We’re Here

UpTech is a nationally recognized program located in Covington, KY. Our region is home to a large number of startup organizations (as mentioned above) and collectively we are a force that is hard to match.

Regardless of where you choose to start your business, my advice is to choose the location that is right for YOUR TEAM and YOUR BUSINESS. I’m happy to discuss further if you need some advice or want to learn more about our region. Contact us and we’ll setup some time.


We are currently recruiting for UpTech 7. Apply by June 17th, 2018.


Photo attribution to John Martinez Pavliga

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